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The Reason Behind The Exit of Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson resigned from his duties as British Prime Minister on the morning of 7th July. His resignation speech was delivered in the afternoon. According to him, he would appoint a new cabinet if he remained in office until a successor was found, which is expected by September. In 2019, Boris was elected as the PM, and a promise to resolve Brexit as quickly as possible played a central role in his victory. After three years, why did Boris finally choose to leave? What are some influences after Boris announced to resignation? Let’s bring these questions and read the following paragraphs.


Why Boris ‘Quits’ Suddenly?

Although Boris announce to resignation suddenly, most of the residents did not surprise by this result.

The Scandal of Chris Pincher:

A Conservative MP named Chris Pincher touched at least one man on the groin at a private members' club, Noa Hoffman reported on 30th June. As part of his resignation letter, he said he "drank far too much" and knew he "embarrassed myself and other people". Pincher, however, didn't receive any further action from the government since they believe he had recognized his bad behaviour and would remain as a member of parliament.

This does not happen once. Additionally, someone revealed that he had made similar accusations in the past. While Boris still placed him in a position of power as deputy chief whip, ensuring MP discipline as well as pastoral care.

Breaking The Rule of Lockdown:

The Downing Street garden was home to a wine and cheeseboard party on May 15, 2020. Boris is shown drinking wine and enjoying a cheeseboard with his staff. The two of them were just talking about work, according to Boris. Back then, there were legal restrictions that prohibited anyone from leaving their house unless they had a reasonable excuse, and government guidelines permitted one person to meet outdoors while exercising. Several similar scandals have also occurred. As an example, on 13th November 2020, two gatherings were reported in Downing Street.

The Exit of Other Government Members

Two weeks ago (Before 7th July), five cabinet members and a wave of more junior members of government resigned after a series of scandals. There was no longer any confidence in the British leader, they said. Boris expressed a desire to stay in office until the 2030s before announcing his resignation. But when his influence diminished and the possibility that the Conservative Party might alter its internal procedures to call a vote to remove him increased, he eventually decided to resign.


After Boris Announced He Resigns:

The Pound Rose

After Boris announced his resignation, the pound increased, but only briefly, and it was still rather low. 1 pound was worth around 1.197 dollars on that day, a rise of 0.4 percent. (It is now 1.186 USD.)

Who Will Be The Next PM?

The poll was previously conducted on July 13th. To remain in the running, the contenders will need the backing of at least 30 conservative legislators. The shortlist is then reduced to two by additional voting. The last two candidates must make presentations and get votes from the party's larger membership, which numbers about 150,000. According to the report, Jeremy Hunt, Liz Truss, Rishi Sunak, and Penny Mordaunt will all run in this election.


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