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Moving People


This is the content page of what will be covered throughout this section.

(AQA A-Level Sociology Suitable)



Part 1 – Roles and Functions of Education:

  • Functionalist Overview on Education

  • Marxists Overview on Education Schools

Part 2 – Difference in Educational Achievement:

  • Difference due to Class (Internal Factors) 

  • Difference due to Class (External Factors) 

  • Difference due to Gender (Internal Factors) 

  • Difference due to Gender (External Factors) 

  • Girls and Identity

  • Boys and Educational Achievement

  • Ethnicity (External Factors) 

  • Ethnicity (Internal Factors) 

Part 3 – Educational Policies:

  • Equality within Education

  • Marketisation of Education

  • Private Education


Families and Households

Part 1 – Couples:

  • The Domestic Division of Labour

  • Equality within Couples

  • Resources and Decisions-Making in Households

  • Domestic Violence

Part 2 – Childhood:

  • Childhood as a Social Construct

  • The Future of Childhood

  • The Position of Childhood

Part 3 – Theories of the Family:

  • The Functionalist Perspective on the Family

  • The Marxist Perspective on the Family

  • Feminist Perspective on Education

  • The Personal Life Perspective on Families

Part 4 – Demography:

  • Births

  • Deaths

  • The Ageing Population

  • Migration

  • Globalisation and Migration

Part 5 – Changing Family Patterns:

  • Divorce

  • Partnerships

  • Parents and Children

  • Ethnic Differences in Family Patterns

  • The Extended Family Today

Part 6 – Family Diversity:

  • Modernism and the Nuclear Family

  • Postmodernism and Family Diversity

Part 7 – Families and Social Policy:

  • A Comparative View of Family Policy

  • Perspectives on Families and Social Policy


Crime and Deviance

Part 1 – Theories of Crime and Deviance:

  • Functionalism, Strain and Subcultural Theories.

  • Labelling Theory

  • Marxist and Critical Criminologies

  • Realist Theories of Crime

  • Statistics and Patterns of Crime

Part 2 – Differences and Crime:

  • Ethnicity and Crime

  • Gender and Crime

  • Social Class and Crime

Part 3 – External Factors and Crime:

  • Globalisation, Human Rights, State and Green Crime

  • Crime and the Media

  • Control, Prevention and Punishment; Victims; the Criminal System


The Media

  • The New Media

  • Ownership and Control of the Media

  • The Media, Globalisation and Popular Culture

  • The Selection and Presentation of the News

  • Media Representations of Gender, Sexuality and Disability

  • Media Representation of Ethnicity, Social Class and Age

  • The Relationship between the Media and their Content, Presentation and Audience 

Below you can find a PDF version of the contents as well as the AQA A-Level Sociology Specification.


An AQA A-Level Suitable Content Page, similar to the one above available for personal printing and download.

Contents and Specification

Download Now

Contents Page


AQA A-Level

The AQA A-Level Specification, which can be downloaded and used for further reference on what you should know to cover all the A Level Course (Year 1 and 2)

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